About Us

Galhad Teaches the Mastery of People Skills to 

Help You Get What You Want

It Started with a Square Table

Four friends gathered around a glass, square table during the warm evenings in Richmond, Virginia.

They would discuss topics of philosophy, relationships, purpose, and life in general.

Over time, they grew to appreciate their bonds even more. To find such great friends willing to gather like this was a rarity. The question then arose…Why?

As they searched for the answer, it became clear that finding and attracting the right people to help in life was a skill.


If people mastered interpersonal skills, they would have more opportunities to find the right people to help them in their life. 

It quickly became clear how this could benefit people outside of finding friends – be it finding the right career, the right partner, and more.

The world’s greatest accomplishments were never done alone. 

Galhad teaches mastery of people skills to help you get what you want.