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what is your #1 priority

What Is Your #1 Priority?

What is your #1 priority when talking to your audience? Today we’ll talk about how priorities on stage can help you rock the stage in 2 ways!

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talk too fast

Why Speakers Talk Too Fast

We all know someone who talks way too fast. In fact, we may be that person! It’s a common phenomenon among speakers. Today we are going to tackle one of the reasons why this happens.

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know thyself

Speakers Know Thyself

Are you trying to keep up with all the “tips and tricks” to help you with stage fright? Find that few of them are working? Wondering how to break the barrier between good speaker and GREAT speaker?

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Debate Me – The Art of Changing Minds

This article will cover debate in its various instances in our lives. I’ll talk about how it affects our confidence and give you tips to rock your next debate. Finally, we’ll talk about how we gain confidence through our debate skills by recognizing 5 common logical fallacies.

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