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Ditch the Butterflies In Your Stomach

Got butterflies in your stomach when you go to speak in public? Want to prepare a speech that will connect you to your audience? Read on!

Say Goodbye To Butterflies In Your Stomach!

It’s time to ditch the butterflies in your stomach!

Want to boost your confidence on stage? Want to do it without coming off as gimmicky or salesy? Believe it or not there is a simple way to move your audience to action!

It’s called Demonstrating Your Credibility!

(And for those of you looking to do this at work, check out this article by Ashira Prossack on Forbes!)

Think about it this way. A fighter can get into the ring confident because they know how to fight! Scientists can send a man to the moon because they know the mathematics! They can demonstrate their credibility and persuade others to join their mission because of their expertise!

So, what stops people from doing this? The answer is surprisingly simple.

They lack confidence. They let negative, intrusive thoughts have more power than what really matters – sharing knowledge with others.

Think about it like this. Can you imagine what would our world be like if history’s greatest orators never shared their message?

Beware This Subtle Difference

What’s the difference between confidence and arrogance?

How I see it is simple – confident people are educated. Arrogant people are not.

And I have found that there is a pretty consistent measuring stick to whether or not people have been exposed to education.

That measuring stick is curiosity!

From whatever I’ve learned about something, there are always an exponential amount of questions that stem from it.

Everyone Is Great at Something

Name ONE thing you are confident at!

For me, it’s boardgames. I will slay anybody who comes my way. Risk, Catan, Monopoly, Parchisi, I love a good boardgame – and sometimes I get way too competitive.

But you know what? That’s what I like doing. And if I wasn’t helping Entrepreneurs and Professionals use public speaking to kick more butts in their field, I’d probably be doing a boardgaming podcast…actually, that’s not a bad idea…

But either way, I still will Google new strategies. I’ll find new boardgames. I’m always trying to get better, even though I’m pretty dang good as is!

Why? Because I love it and there is always someone better than me!

Recipe for Stage Confidence

I see so many speakers obsess over perfect delivery as a way to rid themselves of that paralyzing fear we call stage fright!

Want to know how to manage nerves?  How to change the physical state of trembling knees and quivering voices to fearless speaking and grabbing your audience’s attention by the Christmas ornaments?

Here is the recipe:

  • 1 Cup of compelling content.
  • 3 Cups of practice.
  • Mix with a dash of controversy.
  • Top with a magnetic opening.


Now, you got a snack that kicks Aunt Sally’s fruit cake to the curb!

Write, practice, irritate people (with tact), and make it emotional.

And make sure to Share this blog with your Aunt Sally! (no hard feelings?)

Adios my friends. See you next week!


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