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Just Be Confident – How to Follow The Worst Piece of Advice Ever Given

There are two sides of confidence: knowledge of yourself and knowledge of your area of expertise. In this article we will focus on expertise.

Just Be Confident? What Does That Even Mean?

There are two sides of confidence: knowledge of yourself and knowledge of your area of expertise. In this article we will focus on expertise.

Imagine this scenario. You are about to get up on stage. Like many speakers, you feel the stage fright creeping in.

Perhaps you call a friend. Or maybe a family member. Maybe the master of ceremonies passes you by before they introduce you! You confide in them that you are freaking out! And their advice to you is this.

Just be yourself.

When it comes to public speaking, this is one of the pieces of advice that I hear or see the most. And it drives me freaking nuts!

Let me ask you something. When was the last time that piece of advice has actually helped you?

To Be Confident Works – But It’s Not That Easy

Look. To be confident is amazing! Confident people stand out. They speak with conviction. They are memorable! And trust me, believing in yourself will get you very far!

However, there is a reason that “just be confident” is a waste of words. It’s because that anybody who doesn’t have confidence to begin with can’t flip it like a switch!

The reason is because there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance! What is that line?

Simple. It’s knowledge!

The Line Between Confidence and Arrogance

Take this scenario.

Imagine you’re watching a UFC fight. and, in the pregame, the fighters get

up on stage. They weigh in, they talk smack to one another – that whole song and dance.

And then they get in the cage. One of the fighters just knocks the other guy out 30 seconds into the first round.

What do you think of his smack talk?

You’re probably thinking that the guy who got knocked out was cocky!

What this thought experiment alludes to is that what separates confidence and cockiness is our conviction in what we know.

So if you want to be confident on stage, read on!

How to Be Confident On Stage

  1. Know What You’re Talking About – Why do we get stage fright? One of the most common reasons is because we are afraid of looking like an idiot. The best way to combat that is to know your material inside and out. Informative talks should be well researched. Stories need to be rehearsed.
  2. Prep Your Talk – If you know what you’re talking about you’re on the right track. After all, nobody wants to be a phony! But just because you know the material doesn’t mean it’s organized for your audience. With that said, make sure you write your speech so that your audience can keep up with your expertise. If you need help, check out this book!
  3. Hone Your Speaking Skills – Speaking is like most skills. If it’s not practiced, it’s not good. Join a club or find some friends to run your talk by. And tell them that the nicest thing they can do for you is to be honest!

Here are some more ways to build your confidence from!

Confidence is not a shortcut. It’s all about what you know! If you know how to present, know your material, and know how to deliver you’ll be golden!

And if you are having trouble? Well, that’s why Galhad is here! Shoot us an email and we’d be happy to help you become a speaker who stands out!



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