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Communications Crash Course


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Communications Crash Course: Master Conversation!

Communications Crash Course is the perfect if you:

-Find yourself frantically searching for what to say in a conversation

-Feel trapped in silence in social situations

-Understand the amazing VALUE of talking to people and want to learn how

Now, you can master the strategy and elements of communication. With these, the issue of “how to talk to people” will be a thing of the past. Even if you are shy, introverted, or get nervous around people and social situations!

Alixander Dietrich knows a thing or two on learning how to Talk to People. From a social hermit to conversational hero, he created strategies that assisted even the most reserved people realize their communication potential.

Imagine having Step-by-step formulas you can use in any conversation!

This is not a book filled with canned one-liners or dishonest “tricks”. Despite what many people say, such things do not work because conversations can go an infinite number of directions!

Instead, this book teaches the foundations of communication and conversation. They even provide amazing frameworks to use in numerous scenarios!

In other words, this is about understanding what communication is made. Now, you can leverage those elements to improve your execution of them!

Learning to talk to people does not have to be an excruciating endeavor!

The Quickest, Easiest Way to Always Know What to Say!

What if, instead of scrambling around your head and agonizing to find the “right” words, you knew how to always have topics, that are relevant to the conversation, to draw from?

And, what if instead of relying on bumbling one–liners that barely work in a handful of situations, you knew how to craft your thoughts on the spot?

Being a savvy conversationalist offers the following benefits:

–Confidence in conversations and social settings

–Deeper relationships with people you’ve known your entire life or just met

–Enhanced chances of success in scenarios that demand conversation skills such as dating, networking, and more!

This book will teach you everything you need to be a fabulous communicator!

However, it is NOT a specific look at any one particular type of communication (such as negotion, flirting, persuasion).

“Communications Crash Course” IS a baseline in communication that will serve as a powerful foundation for whatever type of communication you engage in.

Important areas that will be discussed include:

-Elements of Communication

-How Nonverbal and Verbal elements tie into each other

-The effects of Context

-Differences in types of Communication

-Eleven Strategic Conversation Frameworks that you can use in any discussion

and much more!

This book is for YOU, if you want to…

Leave the frantic search for the “right thing to say” behind you and have knock–out communication skills!

Fulfill your longing of being able to converse confidently with other people in any social setting

Express yourself and truly connect with other people!

Are you ready to start learning how to enhance your communications and conversation confidence RIGHT NOW?

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