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Speakers Know Thyself

Are you trying to keep up with all the “tips and tricks” to help you with stage fright? Find that few of them are working? Wondering how to break the barrier between good speaker and GREAT speaker?

From Good to Great!

Are you trying to keep up with all the “tips and tricks” to help you with stage fright? Find that few of them are working? Wondering how to break the barrier between good speaker and GREAT speaker?

To tackle this problem, we are going to dive into how to be confident from the stage. If you read last week’s article, we talked about how to conquer stage fright.

Specifically, we are going into knowing yourself.

Know Thy Stuff Or Know Thyself

Let me shock you real quick. If you had to start with one, what would you pick? Know thy stuff or know thyself?

I’m going to argue that it is more important to know thy stuff. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong. I know it’s not the prettiest bit of truth. But, hear me out!

Speakers especially have a responsibility to others to make sure they provide accurate information. Speakers are storytellers. Humans learn through story.

Listen, I do believe that knowing yourself is a necessity when it comes to speaking in public. But those in a position of spreading knowledge to the masses had better not be spreading misinformation. And if they do – ‘fess up! (Hey, we all make mistakes!)

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the meat of what we are here for.

But For Real – Know Thyself

Being an expert will only get you so far as a speaker. Someone who doesn’t know and is comfortable them self, I can guarantee is going to be a boring speaker.

With that said, it is extremely important to know yourself. In last week’s article we broke this down into two subcategories ­–.knowing your value and knowing your values!

Know Your Value and What You Value

Look, I believe that everybody is awesome at something! I believe in the capacity for everybody on this earth to bring value to someone, somewhere. Whether or not folks have tapped into that latent ability and know how to use it is a different story. But it’s there.

Those who know how to provide their value to others and are aware of it are generally more confident. Take this article from Forbes. As you read it think to yourself, “Are the traits listed here ones that can be successfully achieved by a person who doesn’t know their self worth?

Helping others, speaking with certainty, asking for help. These are just a few traits. I would argue that those who don’t know their self worth wouldn’t bother helping other people. Why would they if they felt like they wouldn’t make a difference? Or speaking with certainty. How can someone speak confidently if they don’t believe in themselves. Or asking for help? Most people don’t want to take on a debt they feel like they can’t repay – that include social debt.

Figuring out what you’re worth doesn’t have to be hard! It can be as simple as paying attention to the good things people say about you more than the bad. Celebrating the little victories sure helps, too!

Second to this piece of the confidence puzzle is knowing what you value.

I get it – knowing what you stand for is tough! But it is something that is worthwhile to sit down and figure out.

If you are having trouble getting started, check out this exercise from Carnegie Mellon University!

To Wrap Up

In short, know your sugar inside and out to be an ethical speaker. Know yourself inside and out to be an ethical and entertaining speaker.

We all want to see you succeed! Becoming a speaker who ascends to greatness just takes a little introspection.



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