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Speakers Unite and Conquer Your Stage Fright!

Why do our bodies think our performance are a threat to its existence? Simple – there is a lack of knowledge that prevents us from being confident!

The Key Ingredient to Conquer Your Stage Fright

Want to conquer your stage fright? Read on, Donkey Kong!

According to the ADAA, public speaking tops the list as the biggest fear among Americans adults!

My friends, stage fright boils down to ONE thing!

Lack of Knowledge.

Think of it like this. Stage fright is just your fight or flight response kicking into action! Your body perceives an imminent threat and is flooding you with hormones.

Why do our bodies think our performance are a threat to its existence? Simple – there is something within us that believes we will fail. In other words – a lack of confidence!

And we know that our confidence is tied to our knowledge. For example, we’d be nervous sleeping in the wild because we don’t know how to survive. But a survival expert feels just fine because they have knowledge on that particular domain.

Why Speakers Feel Stage Fright

As we inferred above, the reason is plain and simple. Confidence equals knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you are speaking to a crowd, about to take a test, or going on a date. You need to know what you’re doing to tackle it with confidence!

When it comes to speaking, people who don’t feel confident are those who –

  1. Don’t know their topic
  2. Have little idea on how to speak in public
  3. Don’t know their value (such as what you are worth).
  4. Don’t know their values (such as what you stand for).
  5. A combination of A, B, C, and D

So how do we conquer stage fright knowing this? Let’s boil it down!

You MUST Have Knowledge On These Two Things

Confidence on stage is tied to TWO things

First, knowledge of your domain (that included your expertise and how to speak).

Second, knowledge of yourself (that includes knowing what you stand for and sticking to it).

Let’s look back at this list…

“People who don’t feel confident speaking on stage are people who –

  1. Don’t know their topic
  2. Have little idea on how to speak in public
  3. Don’t know their value
  4. Don’t know their values (intentionally different from C).
  5. A combination of A, B, C, and D

A and B are knowledge of your domain.

C and D are knowledge of yourself.

If you have trouble with stage fright, find out where it’s coming from, educate yourself, and practice!

For instance, if you are talking on a subject you don’t know much about, study it!

If however, you don’t feel confident in yourself, consider this…

I spent too much of my life studying my domain but not appreciating my self worth. It took years for me to gain the confidence I needed, but once I did, the world opened up to me. I found that there were people out there who gave a damn about what I was saying!

We will cover how to know yourself to kill it on stage in greater depth next week!

So if you don’t feel confident speaking, then change it with knowledge!

Study your topic, study public speaking, surround yourself with people who/find ways see how badass you are! And finally, know what you stand for!

Then get on stage and slay that dragon! *swish swish twang twang*



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