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The 80/20 Rule For Communication

How do we master conversation? The 80/20 rule applies in all instances of learning – including communication!

The Road To Know-Where

There is a massive difference between knowing something and true mastery. In fact, this gap is much wider than we anticipate.

I remember when I first began practicing Jiu-Jitsu. I had started in the beginner’s class where the instructor restricted the techniques he was teaching us to just a handful. I picked up on these techniques relatively quickly. Although I knew I was just being given the bare-bones essentials, by the time I had spent a few months in the beginner’s class, I felt very confident in my abilities.

I knew there was more to learn, but I didn’t know what. Despite knowing that I was still very new to this art, I felt like a pro!

The 80/20 Rule

What I had been given was the 20% of Jiu-Jitsu that would make me successful against 80% of the people I would theoretically encounter. This is the 80/20 Rule. 

Also known as Pareto’s Principle, it suggests that 80% of effects come from 20% possible causes.

You can read more about it in the Forbe’s article!

When I had earned my way to joining more advanced class, it took only one lesson for me to see the vast amount of ignorance I still had in this art. Although I knew I didn’t know, the feeling of seeing the technical deep-dives and principles in one session made my ignorance suddenly tangible.

It was incredible! Here I could see the road ahead. Likewise, I knew that I had so much more I could do to be the best grappler I could be.

From Knowing To Mastering Communication

You may be asking, “Great, but how does this fit into talking to people?”

The beautiful thing about the 80/20 Rule is that it applies to almost everything – including conversation!

For example, take Communications Crash Course! This book was filled with conversation patterns that could be used immediately by anybody to become a better conversationalist.

Those patterns were the first bits of information to get anybody to communicate with anyone quickly! But what about the vast amount of knowledge still out there?

The 80 Percent To True Mastery

To cover this, I recently created the Communications Crash Course Masterclass: How to Converse and Immediately Connect With Anyone.

This course takes the lessons from Communications Crash Course and shows their mechanical workings for true understanding and mastery. At this level of knowledge, these patterns become something that anybody can alter to fit unique situations!

When we start to fill in that 80 percent, we see how things truly work. When we understand the nature of how domains function, we can begin creating our own rules.

I truly love the 80/20 Rule! It is what keeps me from spending too much time in the weeds and allows me to go from nothing to something quickly! However, when I want to create my rules, then there is nothing like learning to see something for what it truly is.

It is this final 80 percent that has allowed me to create Galhad! Let us learn and share together!



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