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The Secret to Being a Video Rockstar…In Your Laundry Room!?

This simple hack will make you look like a video rockstar using common household objects that can be found in your laundry room!

You Can Be a Video Rockstar – As Long As You Have Dirty Clothes

Today I am going to show you a cheap little video hack that will make you look like a video rockstar! It’s simple, easy, and affordable, and all you need it two things!

First, you need light. More specifically a lamp that you can point in any direction. I have one of the flexible ones that clip on to the edge of a desk. It was maybe $20.

Second, you need a dryer sheet. Yep a dryer sheet. Let me explain.

A Dryer Sheet? To Become a Video Rockstar?

Hear me out.

There are a few common lighting reasons why people look creepy on video.

One is that they only have overhead lighting leaving really strong shadows on their face. To remedy this, get a light and point it at your face.

Two is they have really defined shadows behind them. It looks like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. To remedy this, diffuse the light.

Three is that they have a really strong pin light that reflects off the flat surfaces of their face (usually the forehead). This makes them look sweaty. To remedy this, diffuse the light.

Now, to tackle point one, all it takes is a lamp that you can point towards your face.

But for the other two, how do you diffuse the light? That’s where the dryer sheet comes in. All you have to do is clip the dryer sheet in front of the light and the light becomes diffused without getting blocked out.

Okay, but does this really work?

Yes. In fact, it’s the exact same principle that photographers use when taking portraits. Ever see that big sideways umbrella thing that they set up around the model? It’s black and in the middle has a big white sheet. Inside the hollow of the umbrella is the flash. So when it goes off, the white sheet diffuses the light.

The dryer sheet does the exact same thing, except costs $0.02 instead of $200.

Give it a try next time you have a video call. Notice the difference in shadows. They should be much softer on your face and behind you.

And when in doubt, more light is better.




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