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What Is Your #1 Priority?

What is your #1 priority when talking to your audience? Today we'll talk about how priorities on stage can help you rock the stage in 2 ways!

What is your #1 priority?

What is your #1 priority when talking to your audience?

My priority is to unapologetically do whatever I can to make sure the information they need.

And this takes some serious work.

How having priorities will help

But it is truth this mindset that has helped be a better speaker in 2 key ways:

1. It has helped me defeat my stage fright by changing my mindset. It went from one that was worried about how my audience perceives my to one of fixated on me being a vehicle of information delivery.
This switch in mindset is very humbling but also paradoxically allows me to be incredibly confident in stage.

2. It transcends my duty of speaking on stage to speaking off stage. Information and story does not stop at the microphone! When I want people to get the most of their time with me, sometimes it demands more time. Staying in touch with your people is immensely important.

To wrap up

Are you curious as to what priorities on stage will help you become a better speaker? Not sure what to choose?

When in doubt, here’s my advice: Anything that is focused on the audience.

Remember, we as speakers have a duty to inform our audience. The best way to do that is to keep them engaged and focus on them. So, with that said…

Comment your #1 priority and tell me why!



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